Brooklyn, New York, one of the five boroughs of Manhattan. Over the past decade, its neighborhoods have been undergoing complete transformations. Its pro-business environment and proximity to NYC has transformed all aspects of Brooklyn living, including housing, retail, business, manufacturing, parks, recreation, transportation and education.

Brooklyn's Business Environment

Brooklyn's pro-business environment has resulted in many industries prospering. From Brewerys, such as Brooklyn Brewery, to local support businesses, such as personal injury lawyer, Mark Chalfin, Brooklyn is booming.

Brooklyn's Neighborhoods

Brooklyn has over 63 unique neighborhoods. Below we take an insiders looks into each one.

Park Slope

Park Slope, located within Brooklyn, New York, is a rapidly developing area that has been exploding with families and local businesses. The section is one of Brooklyn's largest neighborhoods, bordering Prospect Park. Due to its diverse community, excellent public schools system, and booming downtown area full of top-rated bars, restaurants, outdoor farmer's markets, and stores, Park Slope captivates families and young professionals. To add, Park Slope radiates with nightlife, drawing in tourists and travelers from all over. The neighborhood is especially unique to the Brooklyn area because of its reputation as an "escape from the city", based on its relaxing suburban ambiance. Furthermore, Park Slope's low crime rate just tops off the area's perks and benefits. Overall, Park Slope is well-rounded, creating the perfect place for young entrepreneurs to discover, local businesses to take advantage of, and families to make their home.

However, one of the most unique aspects of Park Slope is its business organizations and groups. Even though it is just a neighborhood, Park Slope holds its own Chamber of Commerce. The Park Slope Chamber of Commerce connects local businesses to one another and encourages networking amongst them all. By holding annual events such as the Father's' Day Street Festival, Halloween Parade, and various other networking opportunities, the Chamber of Commerce unifies the businesses of Park Slope while also promoting sustain ability. In addition to Park Slope's individual business organization, local businesses in the area can also take advantage of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Through this business group, local companies in Park Slope can expand their connections and network with businesses from other neighborhoods, such as Williamsburg and Greenpoint. This opportunity allows local businesses to broaden their target markets, advertising opportunities, and professional alliances, taking them to the next level. All in all Park Slope is an extremely attractive area for local businesses to move to becuase of its thriving business district and networking groups.

Lastly, Park Slope is known for its gorgeous homes and historic buildings. Ranging from apartment complexes to Victorian mansions, Park Slope is home to a variety of neighborhoods. Since the majority of houses in Park Slope were built in the 1800's, the Brooklyn area's historic touch separates it from other neighborhoods. Additionally, the neighborhood's location is very advantageous for Manhattan commuters to reside in, allowing them to settle down in a family-oriented area with extremely close proximity to their jobs. To conclude, Park Slope explodes with diverse and family-oriented neighborhoods, attracting residents from all over with its historic buildings and ideal location.


Williamsburg, located within Brooklyn, New York, is an up-and-coming, trendy area exploding with new restaurants, bars, and musical performances. The Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its impressive nightlife, immense murals, and "hipster vibe", attracting young adults and couples from all over. Although Williamsburg is not very family-oriented like some other Brooklyn sections, this area has a laid back and entertaining atmosphere that sets it apart from all the others.

Since Brooklyn consists of sixty-three separate neighborhoods, the area is absolutely booming with local businesses. In order to connect with them all, local businesses in Williamsburg have the opportunity to join the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Formed in 1918, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce encourages networking amongst all local businesses in the area, hosting annual events, trade shows, and orientation for new members. Specifically in Williamsburg, local businesses have the opportunity to connect with other companies in booming areas like Park Slope and Bay Ridge, expanding their professional alliances and even target markets. The Chamber of Commerce is also sponsored by several corporations, such as Citibank and Google, allowing local businesses to get the inside scoop of business on the corporate level while also increasing connections globally. However, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is not the only aspect of Williamsburg that attracts local businesses. Due to its reputation as trendy, Williamsburg's downtown area is exploding with different venues, such as bars, restaurants, and shops. Therefore, local businesses are dying to dip their toes into Williamsburg's trendy appeal. Overall, Williamsburg's business district has developed rapidly over the years due to its downtown area and access to the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Finally, Williamsburg is known for its luxury condos and apartment complexes. Since Williamsburg is a huge hotspot for young adults and couples, the area is full of affordable living opportunities that are intertwined with the downtown area. With many apartments for sale above storefronts, residents have ideal access to the nightlife by just walking down a flight of stairs. Furthermore, Williamsburg's location is perfect for young professionals who commute to larger parts of the city like Manhattan, allowing them to travel to work easily. To conclude, Williamsburg is booming with trendy nightlife and local businesses, attracting residents and visitors from all over the world.