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Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere in Brooklyn, anytime and without notice. You may be walking down the stairs of the entrance to one of Brooklyn's many apartment buildings, walking on a sidewalk, shopping at a department store or buying groceries at your local supermarket, when a crack on the stairs, a hole in the sidewalk or some wet, greasy substance on the floor, caused you to slip or trip and fall resulting in personal injuries through no fault of your own. Suddenly, your whole life has changed. Your injuries have made it difficult or impossible for you to work. You need regular medical treatment and your personal life has been affected. You need to get better medically and you need compensation from whoever caused your accident.

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Brandon Kokin, Fall Accident Victim, Brooklyn, NY (Posted: May, 25 2024)


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Have you been injured as the result of a fall?

If you answered yes, you will need to know your rights under New York State Law and what monetary damages you may be entitled to. Did you slip and fall due to icy conditions on the street or staircase? Did you fall due to a broken or cracked sidewalk or pothole that needed to be repaired by the landowner or the City of New York? Did you slip in a supermarket due to wetness on the floor that the supermarket workers should have cleaned up? Did you fall down a staircase because of a broker handrail, broken step, improper lighting, or wetness on one of the steps? Did you trip and fall due to a hidden danger in a store or on a sidewalk?

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Each one of the above cases could have and should be been prevented if the proper precautions were taken by the responsible party. But since they weren't, an accident and resulting injuries occurred. Mark Chalfin is an experienced slip and fall attorney and has handled hundreds of slip and fall lawsuits over the past 40 years and will make the responsible party pay for his/her mistakes.

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Mr. Chalfin has been recognized as one of the leading slip and fall lawyers in all of New York City and has obtained over $10 million in slip and fall settlements over the course of his 40 years.

Brooklyn Slip and Fall Examples

Slip and fall accidents happen in Brooklyn all the time. Below are several common places these type of accidents occur:

Areas Serving

For over forty years, Mark Chalfin has been fighting for the rights of slip and fall accident victims. Below are just several of the Brooklyn communities he serves.

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If you have suffered a slip & fall injury, it is very important for you to receive expert advice from an experienced slip and fall attorney. Not only do you need to get the best medical treatment to help heal your injuries, but you also need to receive just compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Recent Slip and Fall Injury Settlements


A 37-year-old woman was shopping at Macy's in downtown Brooklyn. After paying for several items, she was walking out of the store when she tripped and fell over a missing tile on the floor. She injured her back, neck, knees and shoulders. She then hired the slip and fall attorney Mark Chalfin. After several months of negotiations with Macy's, an offer of $10,000 was made to settle the slip and fall case. The law office of Mark Chalfin commenced a slip and fall lawsuit and got the jury to award her $400,000 for her medical bills and her pain and suffering.


On a cold, snowy day in February, a 51-year-old woman in the Bronx was leaving her apartment house to go shopping at the local food store. After exiting the front door she had to walk down 10 steps to reach the street level. The landlord had not shoveled the snow properly, nor had he put down salt to melt the ice. Due to the landlord's negligence, she fell down approximately five steps suffering injuries to her left leg. This slip and fall lawsuit was settled for the sum of $247,500.


A 64-year-old woman took her grandchildren to a McDonald's in downtown Brooklyn. She bought food and drinks and while she was walking down a staircase to get to the area where she had left the kids, she slipped and fell down several stairs due to a slippery substance that was left on the stairs. She injured her head and foot. The Mark Chalfin was able to settle her slip and fall injury case for the sum of $58,000.

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